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  • Devil's

    Devil's Mountain: the world's
    highest table-top mountain.

    Straddling Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela, this flat-topped mountain has inspired numerous legends and records, fascinating people the world over. The waterfall-studded rock faces surrounding the plateau are some of the highest in the world, standing at an average of 1,000 metres. The fauna and flora are equally exceptional. Devil's Mountain is home to a myriad of endemic carnivorous plants, reptiles and insects that can be found nowhere else on the planet. First discovered and explored late on in the 19th century, scientists agree that Devil's Mountain has yet to yield all its secrets.

    Particularly dangerous to access, this mountain is a sacred site for the Pemones Indians. The climate is particularly hostile: temperatures are in the region of 10°C and can drop to just 2°C at night. Rainfall is constant due to the huge amount of cloud and frequent storms, averaging between 2,000 and 4,000 millimetres. The rain is driven in by prevailing north-easterly or south-easterly winds, resulting in a humidity level of 75 to 85%.

    Tales of the first ever attempt to conquer Devil's Mountain date back to Victorian times and inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to write his adventure story "The Lost World" in 1912. That book then went on to inspire Steven Spielberg's film "Jurassic Park".

  • The

    Laguna Encantada*:
    the enchanted lagoon

    For the Pemones Indians, this lagoon, situated just a few miles from Devil's Mountain, represents the gateway to the territory of the Mawari spirits - the guardians of the savannah. The Pemones Indians are extremely respectul of their culture and would never dream of venturing onto this territory without first consulting the elders. Going there without their blessing would be considered an insult to the guardians and their tribe's beliefs.


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